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     The company is located in Quanzhou state-level high-tech park, easily accessible, fully furnished. Been put into use a building area of 60,000 m2, including standardization industrial plant 40,000 m2. Two pending projects of approximately 40,000 m2. The area of the factory is equipped with the standard dormitories, canteens and activity centers.
     Existing product development, manufacturing, assembly and sales services and other technical backbone of more than 300, including more than 90 senior engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and experienced technicians more than 150.

     The frame is made of solid square steel welding, stress relief and special equipment; panel forming six-sided machining with CNC gantry machining center, frame and panel with high strength bolts assembly, reducing the welding stress. The assembly rack overall accuracy greatly improved, fully guaranteed the vertical accuracy of machine parts assembly. Rack group assembly line, automatic painting line after the completion of the legislation and the first to introduce the baking process to ensure the uniformity and durability of paint.

Parts processing:
      Horizontal machining center imported from Japan, Taiwan imported vertical machining centers, high-precision cylindrical grinding machine, internal grinding machine, surface grinder, balancing tester, Rockwell hardness tester, coordinate measuring instrument, such as a variety of international advanced production and processing equipment and inspection and testing equipment more than 120 sets of sophisticated equipment, complete processing capacity; independent spare parts production capacity of 90%, to ensure product quality and delivery time, more than 80 sets of production to meet the annual scale. The turret parts processing process
Assembly:Back pull-practices to the order needs to decide the type and quantity of parts assembly, parts production order and number of parts demand decision, thus greatly reducing the manufacturing cycle, and then control the quantity in WIP and inventory stock.

According to the technology contract regulations require that, before entering the debug interpretation of the production line process flow diagram, structure diagram and other related equipment use; enter the site corresponding station (ADC), after transmission Figure conduct a comprehensive inspection on the assembly quality (machine inspection standards,flow chart) based on standard itemized checks, identify problems and timely feedback, and to participate in the study and solve the development of treatment programs.

Into the machine running stage belt tune after the second inspection, and machine operation can not check the site inspection, the inspection is completed to the group, reporting in charge of inspection and problems, and to participate in the study and solve the development of treatment programs.
   The product trial stage, on the material function tests, such as: broken splice detection, each cut by a cutter, material composite material tightness, plastic bit plastic volume control, grinder effect, cotton molding effect, the content in high and low speed under the conditions tested, and make a record, according to the record pointer, the leader in charge of the machine to verify the results of the customers arrive resolved before the completion of the factory acceptance and eventual submission to customer acceptance.


   Have built supply-demand relationships with reliable suppliers. Cooperated with many qualified and completive suppliers for each kind of part, in order to prevent any supply delay. 
     To take performance evaluation for the suppliers by the end of each year, evaluate from product quality, the on time delivery rate, service situation to ensure the good quality and quantity integrity of each batch of parts. Select the excellent suppliers of each year according to the evaluation result, and establish a long-term strategic cooperative relationship with them. 


To carry out technical exchanges and cooperation with both international and domestic suppliers actively, get self-improvement in the exchanges and cooperation, service to others, figure out the reasonable solution to improve the humanization and stability of the automatic production machine

Quality control:   
     The company carries out the provisions of ISO9001international quality standard system strictly and unswervingly. It takes the whole process of quality control from market research, product design and development, raw material purchasing, processing and assembly, inspection before delivery, until after-sales service. Adheres to the principle of quality first, uses advanced production equipment, puts the TPS management and TQC quality control into force, improves the quality and the grade of the equipment constantly, to win the trust of both international and domestic customers by brand charm and the well-deserved reputation, to enhance our market competitiveness of automatic production machine for disposable hygienic product.

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